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Worship Associates Committee

At the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Monterey Peninsula, the Worship Associates develop and deliver the Sunday worship services. The committee is composed of six to ten lay leaders from the congregation that serve as Worship Associates, and serve as chair, vice chair, secretary, and liaisons to other committees. The Minister, Director of Religious Exploration, and the Music Director are members of this committee as well. All aspects of Sunday services are the result of the collaborative efforts of all committee members.

At monthly meetings and biannual retreats, the committee determines monthly themes and service topics, assigns worship leaders and associates to specific dates, and considers improvements to the liturgy and the overall Sunday worship experience. The committee considers and recruits speakers from within and outside the congregation to deliver sermons on Sundays when the minister does not preach. Usually Worship Associates serve for three years at a time. Each Worship Associate assists with Sunday morning worship 6–10 times each year and delivers at least one sermon during their tenure. Worship Associates may also assist when guest speakers are in the pulpit, which may require them to play a more directive role in crafting and delivering the service.

Worship Associates Committee strives to be a diverse group of women and men who connect with peoples of different ages, races, cultures, theologies, sexual identities, and life experiences. The Worship Associates do their best to be thoughtful, creative, and committed in their tasks and to deepen their own spiritual connection as they craft and share meaningful ideas in worship.

We welcome your constructive feedback and suggestions concerning our worship services here.

For more information about Worship at UUCMP or to explore becoming a Worship Associate, please contact the Minister or Worship Committee chairperson.

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