Program Council

The Program Council consists of chairs or representatives of all program committees. Its mission is to implement the vision and mission of the congregation by developing a full, rich program for members and friends of all ages and situations. The Council encourages collaboration, creativity, and good communication in program development. 

The Council meets monthly, usually on the second Tuesday. The Moderator of the Council is elected by the Congregation for a two-year term. The Moderator is a member of the Board of Trustees and serves as a member of the Lay Leadership Development Team.

You can read more about our committees in our 2017 Committee Fair Brochure.

The chairs of our committees are currently: 

Program Council Moderator  -  Ray Krise

Art  -  Peggy Olsen

Caring Network  -  Carol Collin

Endowment Fund  -  Fran Gaver

Building and Grounds  -  Brian Jacobson

Family Ministry  -  Warren Finch

Leadership Development  -  Mary Beard

Life Enrichment  -  Carol Greenstreet

Membership  -  Sharon Sadler

Ministry  -  Carol Galginaitis

Music  -  Carol Collin

Social Justice  -  Mibs McCarthy

Stewardship  -  (shared)

Worship Associates  -  Sarah Hardgrave