Strive for Five!

What is it?


Strive for Five is a dynamic approach to thinking about your financial relationship with our congregation and creating a future of financial stability for our many ministries.  It helps you see giving as a religious value and as an opportunity for spiritual growth. It’s based on the principle that if we share what we have, we will have what we need.  We have great abundance and generosity within us.

Why 5%?

10% is an age-old tithing number in many faiths. 

It is a number recommended by financial planners who say we should save 10% of our gross income yearly and donate another 10% of the income yearly to charities of our choice. 

When should I do this?

As soon as you are able. Not all of us can donate 5% today.  We are asking that you work toward this goal over the next three years.  Some of us already donate at this level, and many of us can step up to 5% today. It will take courage, but this is a BOLD change that supports our new vision of the future.

How to Commit

ü  Attend one of UUCMP's Cottage Conversations to discuss this new approach
with others.

ü  Deliver your Commitment Card when you come to church between now and the end of March.

 ü  Or complete our Pledge Form authorizing UUCMP to make automatic debits from your bank account.

Calculating Your 5% Commitment

1.     Determine your annual gross household income.

2.     Move the decimal to the left one place.

3.     Divide that number by 2.


1.  Income = $42,000

2.   $4,200

3.   Divide $4,200 by 2 

Commitment = $2,100 or $175 per month.


Thank You!


    TO MAKE A ONE-TIME CONTRIBUTION, or to make a donation in memory or in honor of an individual, please use our PayPal contribution form (You will be prompted to enter your donation amount on the next page):
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