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Planning Your Event at UUCMP

First determine if your event is a congregational function, community function, or private function.

Congregational functions are activities sponsored by UUCMP, and they take priority in scheduling until reservations are confirmed.

Community (Public) functions include concerts, workshops, seminars, meetings, or other events that are open to the public. 

Private functions are closed to the public and include parties, weddings, memorials, and other personal events. Your event will appear on our calendar of events once your reservation is confirmed with a deposit and application.

Community Functions

Private Functions

Congregational Functions

  • Contact the Administrator to ensure your dates and times are available. You may check our calendar of events to help you choose a date and time, but the Administrator must confirm availability of all reservations. Please be aware that some spaces may not be available during construction.
  • Give us the details of your event, as requested on the form, to help us assign you to a space. Construction will limit availability of spaces.
  • Services of musicians and ministers may require an honorarium paid directly to that person. Sexton’s services are available with one week’s advance notice for no fee.
  • Download the Congregational Function Reservation Application.
  • Submit your application to the Congregational Administrator to secure your reservation. Reservations for meetings require an application also.
  • Within 2 business days, you can check the online calendar of events to ensure that your event is listed correctly.
  • Provide event information for posting on our web site, calendar, and within our facility, if appropriate. The Congregational Administrator determines the actual content of the postings.